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Tangent Creative - Strategic Communication Design

Tangent Creative was founded in 2006 by entrepreneur and marketing and design enthusiast Geoffrey Hastings. After 15 years serving in the ad agency world as vice president and creative director. It was Geoff’s vision to create a company that provides highly effective marketing strategies and creative services to fill the void between the “mega” ad agencies (mostly focused on Fortune 500 companies and retail) and small graphic & web design firms with limited knowledge and experience in result-oriented marketing and branding strategies.

Today, Tangent Creative uses in-house creative and technical talent as well as hand-picked vendors to offer full-service marketing and branding services to small, medium and large enterprises, as well as government agencies and non-profit organizations. Our design and marketing services include:

  1. Brand development/rebranding

  2. Marketing and sales strategies

  3. Web design and development

  4. Email marketing

  5. Social media marketing

  6. Online marketing

  7. Persuasive copywriting

  8. Interactive presentations and media

  9. Graphic design, illustrations and digital imaging

  10. Logos and corporate identity

  11. Advertising campaigns

  12. Direct mail campaigns

  13. Trade show and event planning


Tangent Creative - a competitive advantage

  1. Tangent Creative has a proven track record. We take the time to get to know our customers and their marketing objectives from an unbiased outsider’s perspective. We combine our knowledge, our customers’ own perspectives and, quite often, their customers’ perspectives to create an effective marketing strategy. This process helps us create a unique “branding blueprint” that gives all members of the creative team valuable insight and creates a foundation from which to design, develop and implement contracted media.

  2. Another reason to choose Tangent Creative is the quality of our current and past work. We invite you to take a look and form your own opinion. We intentionally specialize in more than a few industries, as limiting ourselves to just a few could result in a lack of creativity and true insight as well as the possibility of our work competing with itself. The truth is that you don’t want your marketing company to know your business too well. It would lose a true outsider’s perspective if it did...and that perspective is exactly what’s required to build a successful branding or rebranding campaign.

  3. Another of our core competitive advantages is the talent of the people we employ. Each member of our team has been hand-picked by the owners of Tangent Creative. We hire the best talent and train them to think outside the box and to focus on results and clarity over fancy design with no apparent conversion goals or marketing direction.

To learn more about how Tangent Creative can assist your organization, or to discuss ideas and branding strategies with us, just give us a call at 515.988.7164, or request a quote.



Client FTP Site

Welcome. Tangent Creative is an independent brand-based communications company. We work extensively in developing identities, marketing promotions, publications and web strategies for direct to consumer and business to business markets.

But for us, branding goes far beyond logo creation and collateral implementation. Finding the essence of your message and making it communicate memorably with content-driven design is our specialty.

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Email Marketing

Opt-in email marketing can be an extremely powerful way to reach your target market, generate more revenue and nurture relationships with your customers. With us by your side, you’ll achieve these benefits without worrying about the details because we can handle everything for you.

To help you reach your marketing goals, our team of professionals can:

  1. Design your newsletter to present a powerful, branded image of your company

  2. Craft your sales copy to persuade your readers to make a buying decision

  3. Compose and deliver your newsletter

  4. Analyze and fine-tune your campaigns to provide you with the best results possible

  5. Integrate a sign-up form on your website to help you build your mailing list

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Poster design for trade show event

Manitowoc Cranes, Manitowoc, WI

Recent Projects

DVD case and label design for

Christian Ministry Teaching Series

His Dwelling Place Ministry, San Diego, CA.



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