By applying the best practices and traditions of magazine publishing—well-written content and great design—custom publishing connects companies with consumers in productive and engaging ways. If your communication is relevant, informative and entertaining, you'll win customer attention and create a deeper connection.

Custom publications can be as small as a four-page newsletter or as big and bold as a 100 plus-page brand magazine. They can be as simple as an e-mail news flash or as elaborate as an interactive e-commerce website. Regardless of the scope, companies have come to rely on custom publishers to deliver timely, professional communications.

It's no surprise that the last 10 years have witnessed a dramatic upswing in custom publishing's popularity—it's now a $25 billion industry. The reason is simple: People respond to relevant, informative, entertaining content and design.

In fact, market research consistently confirms that 1) consumers rank magazines as the best source for information about products and services they can trust, and 2) useful content motivates readers to buy products or services.

Nothing adds more value to customer relationships than giving them information that will enhance their lives.


Brochure for high-quality steel wire ropes for surface mining applications


Disaster Preparedness Magazine-

KIDO Systems, Inc.

Email Marketing

Opt-in email marketing can be an extremely powerful way to reach your target market, generate more revenue and nurture relationships with your customers. With us by your side, you’ll achieve these benefits without worrying about the details because we can handle everything for you.

To help you reach your marketing goals, our team of professionals can:

  1. Design your newsletter to present a powerful, branded image of your company

  2. Craft your sales copy to persuade your readers to make a buying decision

  3. Compose and deliver your newsletter

  4. Analyze and fine-tune your campaigns to provide you with the best results possible

  5. Integrate a sign-up form on your website to help you build your mailing list

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