Below are two sample of video commercials produced for a chicken promotion campaign targeted to grade school students*. Both Quicktime and Windows Media Player formats are provided.

Click on the media icon for a free download if you do not have the software installed.


We are a one-stop-shop for video production. We combine the latest production technologies with experienced media professionals to bring your ideas to life. Stunning graphics, creative filming and seamless editing all fuse together into interesting, dynamic productions.

Use 3D animation to explain the functional operation of your new design, concept, or product, detail its features and benefits, and separate it from the competition. Breathe new life into your PowerPoint presentations or create DVD leave behinds to maximize customer interest and sales opportunities.

3D Animation, Television and Video     

(concept, production, post-production)

3D animation demonstrating features and use of unique measuring device

Pocket Smart String

3D animation for process simulation for water pumping system

Video overview for insurance agency specializing in the security industry

Central Insurance Agency